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Thread: Perma th9

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    Perma th9

    Will you guys agree with being permanently th9 in today's state of the game?

    The game becomes quite complicated after th9 TBH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montapegenesis View Post
    Will you guys agree with being permanently th9 in today's state of the game?

    The game becomes quite complicated after th9 TBH.
    Iíd say if your perma TH9 is a second (or third, fourth, etc.) account, then why not. If itís your main, then youíre missing out huge part of the game, such as top leagues of CWL, legends league, different strategies and compositions, base designs.

    At the end of the day, it always depends on what suits you and what makes you happy.

    Hope this helped

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    i have two perma th9's as minis and i love warring with them.. so many options at th9 for strats. I also use them to help new players at th9 to show strats to help them develop

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    I agree with comments here, as a 2nd it’s great. If it’s your only account, and you don’t want to go to TH10 yet, start a new account, and work on that, once it’s TH9 also, maybe then go to TH10 on your other maxed 9 account. TH10 is great also!

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    I am a TH9 and I want to go up when Iím maxed, but I also have a second account currently on TH4.

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    I have two maxed (permanent) TH8, two maxed (permanent) TH 9, two maxed (permanent) TH10, one TH11 growing, two TH12 (one almost maxed)... Have most of fun with TH8 and TH9 since it's free of artificial nonsense like siege machines, tornado traps and useless troops...
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    I have a few max th9s I thought about perma 9'ing... but my gohog consistently fails if there is an electro dragon in the cc. I tried multiple ways to funnel the k squad, but my failure rate is just so high I abandoned the accounts and I stick to my twin th10s.
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    asking if you should keep permanent th9's is like asking if you should keep permanent th3's!!

    the point is nobody really cares as th9 is dead, hell even th10 is nearly dead

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    Personal choice

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    If I may register an opinion, the best level to park a permanent base today is TH10. You can receive SM from your main account, and thus have the greatest offense/defense ratio of any level.
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