My truck just broke down for the 4th time in 6 days. I’m so annoyed! It keeps messing up my careful plans about which buildings to visit, because the orders expire before my truck is repaired. Just now it cost me 4 daily quests that I’d planned to complete in time, but which will now expire before the 2-hour repair time is up. I’ve also lost out on chickens for the same reason.

This is way more break-downs than I had last Season. I don’t know if I was lucky last Season—or unlucky this time—or whether SC has increased the number of break-downs. Are other people having this many break-downs—and has the frequency changed since last Season?

In my opinion the truck break-downs are the worst part of the Valley, and having them almost every day is beyond annoying. I’m really fed up with this. Hay Day is supposed to be about planning and resource management, but I can’t do that effectively when my truck keeps breaking down. I usually take Hay Day annoyances in my stride, but at the moment I feel like deleting the whole game. (Of course I won’t, but that was my first impulse after the latest break-down.)