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Thread: Hero’s Update

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    Hero’s Update

    In the builder base the battle machine has a cool down, I know if you did that in the main village heroes would be overpowered. Instead you could make an extra upgrade on max heroes that says “Ability Cooldown” this ability will make it so you can use an ability multiple times in an attack. You can use dark elixir (A LOT) to upgrade the amount of times you can use it. The max times you can use your heroes ability is three times for th 12 two for th 11 and th 10 and below are able to use the ability once. Please consider my idea.


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    Regarding recharge in general:

    Honestly, any cost is inmaterial (even if "a lot") and not a barrier. There will always be maxed players with full resources. So if a maxed GW could use invincibility up to three times for example, then defense would be greatly buffed to offset, resulting in zero net gain. Meanwhile, developing players would suffer greatly, having to face those same defenses, yet without the resources to dump on "multiple use".

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    Imagine this with wardens (imagine 3 star rates)ability :s if u want to see this thing get implemented you would really need to nerf heroes abilities. Needs more thought on this

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