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would be nice if we could figure out how much leeway the mm allows at the top based on corresponding offset lower. certainly we've never matched an 8 at the top, but would it be possible? seems to me it should be (maybe a heavily rushed 8), but if not, why? any chance army camps are considered?
I take a lot of my basics from guys like Major and Sam mate.. They are real clever guys.

My thoughts are anything that adds something material to either defence or offence will have a weight.
So things like camps, spell factories, and lab will be counted, maybe significantly, due to some sort of multiplier, as they affect army size, spell space, and troop level.

Of course the lab may be wavered, and troop levels counted individually, but that would mean they could be manipulated with potions.
My argument with myself on that one, is that usually using magic gives a temporary beneficial boost, so individual troop level would make sense in that respect.. If memory serves me correct, the engineers reckon its weighted lab tho.

Another thing I realised is that I spend far too much time thinking and typing, and nowhere near enough time practicing my attacks.