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Thread: 🌾🐓🐔looking for addicted ACTIVE players 🐝🐖🐏 tag#LUCUCYP

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    🌾🐓🐔looking for addicted ACTIVE players 🐝🐖🐏 tag#LUCUCYP

    Need a neighborhood that is active, town player AND plays the derby? Youve found one with this neighborhood!

    Stop in and check it out. We have been revamping and renewing our hood. Were looking for serious, active and addicted to ����Day folks! Im the co leader and Im on mostly all day. Im at lvl 77 and we have some people over ��. We are small but trying to be mighty so we need good players. We help each other out and play fair. We have a very clean talk track and elderly players. Were very respectful with absolutely no drama! Plz help is grow and give us a shot.

    Rules: no profanity
    help each other
    play town and derby

    very simple right?

    Also, as much as we like to open land and upgrade things, we ask that if thats all you want to do plz pass us by. We do help each other out with that but only after the player has been there a bit. These are precious materials and we want to make sure our neighbor stays intact by helping each other out and not feel as tho theyve been taken for a ride.

    If you do NOT play derby, plz do NOT join.

    Stop by and give Us a chance.

    Thanks and and have a great ����Day
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