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    Your CWL results

    Our clan had perfect CWL results this time, won all 7 matches and finished 3rd. Finishing 3rd was great as we get to stay in crystal III, so our smaller THs can get fair targets. Our team consist of:

    TH12 5 each, (3 very rushed)
    TH11 4 each (2 very rushed)
    TH10 2 each (mid level)
    TH9 2 each (mid level)
    TH8 2 each (well built)

    All but 2 of the clans we faced were well matched with very close results. The other 2 were very weak and need to move down a couple leagues. Our clan members are average attackers but we have 4 very tuff defense bases.

    How did your CWL go?

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    Not so good this time but Well Done on your Success

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    After finishing 4-5 in the last several CWLs in Masters III, my clan is getting its butt handed to them this go around and will likely be demoted.

    Unlike past CWLs, every matchup had 2-4 more 12's than we have. We have 8 12s and the rest 11's and sometimes we sub out a 10 or a 9 on the bottom so they can get a star or two.

    5 out of the 7 matches at 12 TH12s and the others at 11 and 10. Our 11's can hardly two star other 11s let alone even kinda rushed 12s.

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    The Jury is still out on US, but I think we avoid a demotion, eventhough we have had some abyssal attacks.

    We are running 15 maxed 12s (several are Legend players) and still get curb stomped left and right :-)


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    We’ve won every single war, getting promoted to Master 1

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    After a few cwl’s (log open), my clan tried last season a 30v cwl, and since I wasn’t able to find that many that would attack in war (we got demoted again); this season in Gold 1 ends up about the sweet spot for us.
    Running a 15v again, i basically can only find 12-13 players that attack.
    We run 1 th12 maxed (me), 1 th12 siege donator (roughly a rushed th9 lol), 3-7 th11 at various stages of progress and skills (1 can 3 th11s, another few cant 3 a th9...), rest is th10, and one th8 for fun.
    We won the last 5 of 7 wars, mostly due to finding the right players at start (some said they’d be attacking and didn’t).
    Most opponent clans had 2-5 th12 engaged, mostly mega rushed, and a few maxed here and there.
    I still managed to 3 a few 119k’s which makes me feel good, as compared with my legend performance .

    But, for a clan consisting of 40-48 players (depending when i get tired and clean-up), not finding 15 attackers is frustrating, when they know they all get medals (all are rostered), and I’ve had to miss now legend attacks for no-cc, or attack without cc (which can be the determining factor in a kill squad when a layout requires it).

    Most clans didn’t bother filling the war ccs, I filled my clan’s everytime (with help), and that helped quite a bit. I had some funny attacks on my base from their tops, with 0s-15% or 0s-20% results to give an idea of how rushed these were (heroes level total less than my gw alone).

    Anyways, we are currently 2nd and likely to stay there, and go back to crystal-3 and get demoted again next cwl .
    (1 real th12 against 5+ average+ th12 isn’t going to work).

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    With some strategic attacking and some bad luck we managed to lose every single war.......

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    In final war now but will go 7-0 in Crystal III with 15v war.

    8-9 TH12s
    2-4 TH11s
    The rest are TH10s

    All are pretty good attackers - 10 regular war win streak. Only 1 TH12 rushed but has max offense (used to be the “siege machine donator” way back when)

    We were in Crystal II last season and tried a 30v and were pummeled - didn’t realize Crystal II 30v is pretty much all TH12/TH11. Won’t do that again.

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    We totally met our match. Crystal 2, 2 th12, 4 th11, 8 th10 and a th9. One of the clans we faced was 10 th12, 2 th11, 2 th10 and a th9. Four out of seven wars were just blind edrag spammers. Hated this cwl so much.
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    Crystal 1, 5.5 th12, 8 th11 and a th 10.5 (the .5 are the same guy, hes a bit rushed).

    We are currently in 4th place but I am hopeful we will finish in third with the way the final round is going, which I am surprised about as we we looked to be largely out matched when I looked at the line ups on clash of stats.
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