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Our clan had perfect CWL results this time, won all 7 matches and finished 3rd. Finishing 3rd was great as we get to stay in crystal III, so our smaller THs can get fair targets. Our team consist of:

TH12 5 each, (3 very rushed)
TH11 4 each (2 very rushed)
TH10 2 each (mid level)
TH9 2 each (mid level)
TH8 2 each (well built)

All but 2 of the clans we faced were well matched with very close results. The other 2 were very weak and need to move down a couple leagues. Our clan members are average attackers but we have 4 very tuff defense bases.

How did your CWL go?
So your clan is the one causing the "CWL needs rebalancing" thread in ideas & feature requests.