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Thread: TH11 players, where do you farm nowadays

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    If you want cheap loot, drip down to the minor leagues and use cheap armies. If you want competitive attacks, go the Champs. To each their own.

    I max the base before moving up to the next TH. I've max'd each one I had. Currently, I'm doing DE troops in lab and max'ing walls...everything else in my TH11 is done. Right now I'm hovering comfortably at 3900 ... My style is searching up to 10 bases..that's it. If I hit the 10th, no matter what I attack. Makes for some interesting strategies and decisions as I search...

    If you look for massive loot or dead bases, have fun looking. To each their own ...

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    Have an 11 in t1 finishing walls. Could drop and finish them faster, but more fun upstairs.

    TH12...level 242...65/65/ 2 2 bil...hh 35 mil...atb 6032

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    Purely anecdotal, but it's perfectly viable to farm in C3-midT2. I think the clouds will start to be an issue in higher Titans.
    It requires, I think, 3-5 average attacks per day in order to produce enough resources.

    Until somebody actually measures profits for different armies across all trophy ranges, you're gonna get mostly anecdotes.

    So yea, pretty much farm in whatever trophy range you want and adjust if you find resources to be inadequate.

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    TH11 I usually farm in Champs. Some dead bases there as well, but even if you attack live bases the win bonus and star bonus are huge. It's just about nexting to the right base (which isn't a problem, since even if you gem/potion training there stil is 10 minutes in between troops request if you don't gem it and i usually don't).

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    Walking through your base, stealing your dark elixir
    I've spent the majority of my non-maxed TH11 and TH12 life in Crystal and have looted billions of res there. I've played all the way into Legends and there are no substitutes for the efficiency at which you can raid at Crystal. I have all 3 of my heroes down and an army that costs me 148k elixir to build and I usually raid for 600k/4k+ and frequently raid for much more. It's just too easy. I've upgraded 123 wall pieces to max in the time it took me to upgrade just my AQ to max. Still working on my GW and BK.
    Someone else may have another idea, but that's how I'd do it™

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    I am constantly at crystal 1 and as my heroes are maxed, i put my de storage outside and so i win defenses easily and can farm all day with goblins without winning any attack or dropping out of crystal 1.

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    I like the low cost and sounds very tempting. I'm trying to compare against what I've heard for max miner raids at masters3 and just nexting til weak or deadbase of 300/300/3k bases, no boost. At 6 attacks per day this usually nets 2m g/ 500k e/ 25k de per day but at a cost of 244k e without spells and 400k with spells per raid.

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    I think the time when you farm matters as well. Use the loot forecaster( which is fairly accurate). I used it and it turns out i find more loot during the night time so when i farm at night in crystal, I find so many dead bases as opposed to the morning.

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    Currently in Champs, think i am to high farming wise, the loot up here sucks. So I'll most likely be dropping back down to Crystal or Masters

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    Currently farming in legends, but it sounds like crystal is a much better spot to farm at, so I'll have to drop down.

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