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I do see the farm names in the rss (if they aren’t too long, lol).

I would love to be able to “like” a farm or give a smiley face *outside of a connection to Facebook, though. I don’t Facebook a lot, but the last thing I need is for all of my family and friends to be overrun with “Mommysnooks liked this farm” messages, or “my farm needs help” messages I thought I remembered seeing all the time before I even played HD. (I could be wrong, but I think it’s how that works.) And like, add 10 Facebook friends for an extra slot in the rss. Like, um, no. :/
I’ve connected to facebook and nothing gets posted. Think you can set it up like that. None of my FB friends play so was worried about that too but its been ok. Those with farms automatically appeared on my friends tab (all inactive but I still got a few extra slots in the RSS), didn’t have to send requests and havent been prompted to either. Its improved!