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    Freezing bomb - a bomb is buried in the ground, as soon as an enemy army is approaching, the bomb explodes and releases frosty cold into the gun, the bomb does no damage, but keeps the opponents frozen, immobilized for 10 seconds

    Goblins trap - goblins and dragons are very greedy for gold, that's why goblins set special traps against dragons, a solid mesh trap is set when dragons fly next to the trap, the trap is triggered, the trap does no damage, but it can hold dragons for a while while the goblins have time to hide their gold

    Protective, shockproof wall pliers. You can not only strengthen the walls with an improvement, but also upgrade them in different ways against attackers,
    - tweaks - deal damage against attacking the wall in melee
    - frozen wall - slows down the attack speed of an attacker in a melee wall
    - the wall is under electricity, all opponents who want to break the wall for each touch receive an electric shock
    (Such improvements can be made possible to improve from the "command center")

    If you want to discuss, you can write to me on instagram @bezzzor1to or in whatsapp +7 776 333 15 22
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