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Thread: Special gift decoration?

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    Special gift decoration?

    In the decorating page, there’s the gift box icon. The decorations here are a white chair and pink scooter? How do we earn these gifts? Are they a level up gift at a certain level?

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    You can buy the chair for 5000 coins and the scooter for 35 diamonds. At least, that is the cost for me. They are not rewards. They are deco for purchase.

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    I just went and checked what was stored or available under my gift box decoration icon. A number of things there were prizes for holiday events or items that were linked to “diamond deco” purchases. Other things were items I chose as Derby prizes. Some of the more recent Wheel of Fortune/gift catalog prizes are also stored there. There is at least one piece that came from a deco land plot. The only level prize that I see is the level 50 golden Greg statue that I choose not to display.

    I think you will mostly only see certain things you have won or purchased in special circumstances and that are currently in storage. It’s a bit weird that the scooter and white chair are there. There doesn’t seem to be much logic involved.

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