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Thread: [Recruiting] Reddit Omicron #2UQOV2Y9| Lvl 18 | TH11+

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    [Recruiting] Reddit Omicron #2UQOV2Y9| Lvl 19 | TH11+

    [Recruiting] Reddit Omicron #2UQOV2Y9| Lvl 18 | TH11+ |

    Reddit Omicron #2UQOV2Y9

    Long established independent war clan. Who are we? Omi's ethos is to provide a clan for clashers from the war scene who for whatever reason can't go hard anymore, want to still play the game, but don't want to deal with global clans, just want a clan who knows how to war, and will leave you alone to get your hits in. We are a very active clan, great donations, spin randoms back to back, we spin 30v30 in Masters 2 in SC CWL, and max out clan games every month.

    We're a relaxed clan, don't performance monitor, however we expect members to be proficient in 3 star stratagies. We don't insist on posting plans.

    Who are we looking for? We require th11+ for Omicron, th10s can apply for our sister clan Cave Lupum #PGGUPR. We spin wars back to back there, also spin in CWL. Perfect if you have a lower level alt.

    To apply please join our recruitment server. No in game applications accepted
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    Was part of this family for the longest time, and there are some really great people here! Love ya lz

    Reddit Omega

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