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    My ideas, I will be glad to adequate criticism)

    If you are worried about leaving the game because the shield is over, that you can be robbed ... Then I have a great idea for you, a new defense tower.
    The tower releases a dark cloud around itself, the radius of the closed zone is 12 units of the cell.
    With each improvement, the shadow radius increases, blocking the visibility of the base for detractors.
    The attacker does not see how your defense works, on which side to release your troops, where to strike with lightning spells ...
    The tower works by charging with a black elixir.
    The tower can be turned on and off.
    For every minute included, the tower spends 3 units of black elixir, per hour the tower consumes 180 units of black elixir.
    In the generator area, all defenses accelerate the attack speed by 25% ...

    If you want to discuss, you can write to me on instagram @bezzzor1to or in whatsapp +7 776 333 15 22
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