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    My ideas, I will be glad to adequate criticism)

    In any developing society, there must be a "Market."
    Remember in 2002-2005, the popular Cossacks: Back to War strategy was a great game.
    Many similarities to our favorite strategy - ClashofСlans
    They also created their base, mined gold, also built protective towers, guns, and built a protective wall around their base.
    In general terms, the basic idea of ​​both games is very similar.
    In the game Cossacks: Back to War- there was a market, and the types of resources extracted were more diverse (gold, wood, coal, grain, stone, food) and in this market you could exchange what you have a lot for what you lack.
    Each product had its own price, wood was priced cheaper, gold and coal more expensive ...
    But there was a balance in the game!
    So here it would be good to realize such an idea, on the market you can buy what is missing, where you can exchange resources (for example, gold for an elixir, or for a black elixir, etc.)
    Where can I sell an extra item, from the building to the military
    In the market, you can hire a builder temporarily for a specific job.
    Players whose builders are idle are free to put on the market so that those who need are hired for construction for a certain amount.
    After the construction is completed, the builder goes back to his house.
    The deal goes to one specific job!
    Transaction price 5 diamonds!
    Diamonds get the owner of the builder.
    In the market you can still hire mercenaries to attack
    You can buy different potions, spells, different magic books (construction potion, wall ring, hero's potion)

    If you want to discuss, you can write to me on instagram @bezzzor1to or in whatsapp +7 776 333 15 22
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