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    My ideas, I will be glad to adequate criticism)

    In the command center you can train your military combat techniques, new abilities
    - battle strategy (when landing troops, you can indicate a priority offensive route, with a probability of 60% the troops go on the offensive along the route)
    - you can go to the war map with several troops under command.
    The types of troops can be changed before the start of the attack, depending on what type of attack is in priority.
    In the command center, you can improve the passive characteristics of certain troops. Such as
    - fire arrows for archers - bonus damage
    - improve accuracy - units with long-range attack increase attack range
    - Enhancing striking fences
    - improved striking in resources
    - the chance of evading attacks by a defensive structure for light troops (not giants, dragons, Р.Е.К.К.А. the king of barbarians, the queen of archers, bowlers, etc.) the type of attack at the structure should be targeted, directed
    - camouflage allows you to merge with nature if there is some kind of vegetation nearby or a stone, an army can escape from the sight of protective guns for a few seconds, the duration depends on the level of pumping.
    - improve medicine - speeds up the healing time for heroes, healing spell, healing of the healer
    - improves all explosive qualities - mortars, bombs
    - teach construction - speeds up construction time
    - train for collective work - if you have a free builder, you can send the builder to help another builder who is busy with construction. Thus, the construction of this facility is accelerated twofold, construction can be accelerated three times faster by adding a third builder to the work ...

    If you want to discuss, you can write to me on instagram @bezzzor1to or in whatsapp +7 776 333 15 22
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