I watched an Australian series called: "Mystery Road". The main characters are Aaron Pedersen and Judy Davis.

It's about disappearence from an indigenous boy named Marley Thompson and an outpacker named Reese Dale from an Australien cattle-station.

Aaron Pedersen is playing Jay Swan, who is supposed to help the local police, represented by Judy Davis, who played the local senior sergeant, named Emma James. First she is frustrated by Jay Swan, because he prefers to investigate alone, but later they began to share their findings.

The story goes slowly, but nevertheless it's thrilling.

There are also murders of indigenous people, possession of drugs and ♥♥♥♥. People in town are very uncommunicative, so it's hard for Jay and Emma to investigate the whole thing. But both are dogged and have good instincts.

In the last episode (6) it becomes clear who is really guilty, and this is very surprising, because you would not have suspected him.

What I also appreciate are the wonderful landscape pictures from Australia.

Therefore I can only recommand this series.