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Thread: Cwl medals

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    Cwl medals

    How will you spend your cwl medals?
    I'm in legend's league and still got about 25 building upgrades remaining. I usually fill my storages completely in less than 2 days (war bonus n farm raids etc).....So gonna buy buulder potions to haste the process.
    How will you spend your medals?
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    Builder time doesn't matter to me, so I don't need hammers. My personal time is more important, and looting for resources uses my personal time, so I want the most "bang for my buck", i.e. the most resources per medal, which is wall rings.

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    Maxed 12, save them for Th13
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klavious View Post
    Maxed 12, save them for Th13
    Same here....

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    Undecided. Probably just save for now. I can boost my heroes to max with a potion now. Would really rather have books to help me burn resources. Not complaining, just where I am.
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