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Thread: Hello everyone!!!!

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    Hello everyone!!!!


    I'm new here, sorry for bothering you but I'm testing it before posting something here.
    My best friend invited me to play COC so I was still a noob.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Looks like your posts appear correctly, except in the wrong space for clash (coc).

    Clash has subforums here:
    Depending on the content of your post you may want to better locate your discussion there.
    Just one advice: read some threads, especially the ones at top of each subforum (highlighted in yellow), as they contain important information, such as rules, in few of the subs. Read some more, before replying, or creating your own discussion: looking back they (your first posts) will feel so awkward (or worse lol).

    Here, in forum talk, is to discuss the forum itself, not specifically any of the games

    Also, for informative purposes, check the links in my signature, just below this reply.
    Any question: ask away

    PS; the forums full feature are not visible in ‘mobile site’.

    Good luck,

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