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Thread: Something new in API

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    Something new in API

    Hello Developers, Today i noticed a new Exclamation sign in the Clash Api,
    as in the picture
    Annotation 2019-08-10 081556.png
    Please explain what it is and whats the use?

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    I am likely making a huge leap, but....

    1. If you click on the red exclamation sign and enter in an API token, hit "login" it "logs" you in and the red exclamation mark is replaced by a blue one.
    2. It appears there is no validation for these tokens at the moment as entering rubbish will have the same result as entering a valid token
    3. The other day I noticed the addition of "localizedName" and "localizedShortName" attributes to the league object, and "localizedName" to the location object.
    4. However, I tried both the search league and search location endpoint, and no localized attributes were present.

    Hence, this leads me to guess:

    5. Does (or will?) the API use the IP adress to assign your token a location and return these extra localized attributes if the localizedName and name values dont line up. (ie. if you had a token with an IP range in Japan, the league objects may have localizedName attributes in Japanese)

    Unfortunately I have no way to test these, but at least any change is positive, however strange and relatively low priority for us end users this may be.

    A side note, the aesthetics of the developer page/docs looks slightly different too.

    I will add these attributes as optional attributes to respective objects in my wrapper,, in anticipation of something more solid being added

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