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    Ban definitely for attempted theft

    I was definitely banished for helping someone else. A colleague from a hayday group asked me for help sending support so I could change her email and phone number because someone was on her account and she couldn't access it.
    And in the meantime she gave me the account tag, the neighborhood name, and the farm name.
    And I went to my main account level 44 and texted support.
    And I sent her data, and the very next morning I got this sad message. "Your account has been permanently banned for attempted theft."
    How was I banned for trying to help someone else? As well ?
    Can you help me recover?
    Or was it lost my account forever?

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    Look left..No your other left.
    Why couldn’t your friend send her own information?
    Either way , that is something for support to sort out not the forums .

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