I just watched meet the farmer from Indiana. It reminds me of my large family playing Hay Day together, I have been playing since 2016 then found out my 2 cousins Shannon and Megan and their mom and 2 aunts play, then I introduced my Uncle to Hay Day, and my 3 daughters play, and my 2 cousins children play also. So we have a total of Myself, Cara, Grace, Chloe, Shannon, Shamande, Karlan, Megan, Anthony, Ronnie, James, Becca, aunt Leslie, Nancy, her sister, uncle Lloyd and several friends, so over 16 members in my family play ever day. We love it so much that several of us have started a couple new farms each.
Hay Day brings us even closer as a family, we call and text each other for help and advice and derby strategies.
We Love Our Hay Day!
our Neighborhood is 'Helping Hands' and we range from 113 levels to just starting.
come visit our family on Hay Day!