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Thread: Lost items in hay day accidentally

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    Lost items in hay day accidentally

    Hi, i lost 93saws accidentaly. I sold to a visitor by mistake and that is a big number of items that i lost it, so I didn't want to sell them just touch my finger on bottom of visitor accidently, then I sold 93 saws in one moment. What can i do? I didnt want it, i need my saws, please help me, please
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    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I've done it...My fingers just accidentally press the wrong thing and it's gone. You can try contacting the in-game support, but I really doubt they'll give them back to you.

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    I remember well that sick-to-your-stomach feeling I got when that Mary Poppins look alike walked away with my saws. When this happened to me in-game support did not give them back. I hope you have better luck than I did.
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    Oh no, that really sucks. You could just get Tom for a day and you'll have them back. 15 diamonds isn't that much.

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    Just gather some cheese, lobsters etc and offer as trade to some higher level player for a bunch of saws. People do those barters all the time.
    Just trap one visitor asking some trash barn item like eggs or milk and no more visitors asking for barn stuff will come. Well, almost none.
    My Mary Poppins is spawning roots sitting on my farm porch since summer 2018 still asking for some eggs.

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    Visitors are a real nuisance, I have two young ladies on my farm for maybe six mounts now. They want cotton, something I always have to spare. They will ask for A product, in your barn or silo, that you have a lot of. Pick someone that you like, that what’s something you can afford, and let them hang out.

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    I feel your pain!!!! I have lost count of how many times I have accidentally sold 110 feathers or lobster tails!!! I REALLY wish they would put a second "are you sure" button on the sell item button! It's just awful when this happens!!!
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    I’m sorry this happened to you.
    I have similar stories but as I sell them a lot of wheat I’ve learned to be super cautious about where I tap when they are asking for things.

    One of the problems is that the Yes Here You Go and the No Sorry buttons are so close together. I have suggested that they put them side by side like for the boat and for removing followers.
    A single improvement such as this would have made me happier than that whole Valley thing.

    It would be great if they stop asking for tools too.

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    That is such a nuisance. I have one visitor set up for black coffee as I didn’t have any at the barn at the time. The other one is asking for a huge amount of sugarcane which I must have had a lot of at the time. So if u don’t want to have anything with the annoying visitors then set them up - have zero of something in ur barn that is easy to make and keep rejecting them until they ask for it.

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    Like many others, I've been there, done that. It sucks and it's unfair.

    I've been saying this for ages - we need an "undo" option for the visitors. Even if said option costs a few diamonds.
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