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Thread: LetsGoUpANotch️ | New clan | Friendly War Clan | Recruiting th7+

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    Lightbulb LetsGoUpANotch️ | New clan | Friendly War Clan | Recruiting th7+

    Hey there!

    My name is Shour. I am a th10, level 139 with 700+ war stars. Over the years I have been in various elite war clans providing me lots of experience. In addition to this i have been in multiple tournaments.

    I am working on building a new international clan, going into its first few wars. The clan consists of players who have a great mind when it comes to wars and are extremely friendly. We are all very active and love to donate
    Our clan name is: LetsGoUpANotch️ and our clan tag is: #29G9G9RLL.

    We are looking for players who love to war, donate and push⚔️ We are accepting anyone th7 above with these attributes. If you want to learn new strategies or war tricks, you are also very welcome to join!

    We are aiming for a high win streak with 0 losses. Hopefully reaching 50+. It's a big goal, but i know we can achieve it. We have finished our first war with 29/30 stars and our 2nd war is looking like a perfect one Join us on our journey

    If you would like to help me grow this new clan, check us out (Mention that you saw this post on the forum when requesting to join, so we know where your from 😜). My player name is "Shour." Any help getting us started will be greatly appreciated, love you all

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    Sent a request in game, experienced at war just moving to th10 now, only thing not maxed is heroes, but they're almost there anyway aq26 bk21

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    I want to join with my second account my name is Wizard Killer

    Hi i sent a request could u pls accept it im actually a th9 go to R Famdamly and look for Daniel
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