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Thread: Level 16 clan recruiting new members!

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    Level 16 clan recruiting new members!

    OP Northwoods are now open for recruits after the removal of inactive/bad members. Currently 45/50 members.

    Clantag: #28QPRRGP

    Clan consists of long time international in-game friends that has stuck together since launch of CoC. We're looking members that are active, friendly, mature and those who want to participate in wars.


    • Max TH9s & up with strong heroes & troops
    • International & english speaking players
    • Those who are friendly & active


    • No drama
    • War when able
    • Be mature
    • No troop leeches, request as much as you donate

    Specify you're from Supercell forums in your application
    Hope to see you soon


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