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Thread: Level 134 looking for a stress free neighborhood,

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    Exclamation Level 134 looking for a stress free neighborhood,

    Hi. I love playing hayday. But my last neighborhood was pure stress, I quit and havenít been in a neighborhood for like a year. But now I would like to join in the fun, but without the stress of winning all the time

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Will pm you,
    Cheers Robyn from The Active Help

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    I would ❤️ for you to join my new neighborhood
    Tag number is :PP29G09R

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    Hi. If you are up to doing max tasks, then we have a hood for you. There is no stress...we just happen to win all the times. Below is our post.
    HD Addicts Army looking for a few serious players.

    Hi There. Just a little bit about us:

    We are a group of HD addicts that love to derby. Our favorite is Blossom Derby because we will climb the leaderboard at lightning speed. It will also allow us to show our exceptional teamwork and communication skills. We strive for Gold and 3-Line Bingo. We currently have 166 Gold Cups and seeking for more.

    We are helpful, friendly, and self-sufficient bunch. Many of us have babies to support our main farms and help supply visitors for our towns.

    We are well represented across the globe. You can be sure the task board is always updated throughout the day.

    We believe in ruling by committee. You will be given “Elder” status immediately upon joining. If you decide to stay and are a right fit with our hood, you will be promoted to “Co-leader”. Your voice and opinions are always going to matter.

    We facilitate trades within the hood and on trading sites. Trade a way your excess for stuff you need.

    Leader will also help with added bonuses for all derby participants. We want to help you grow and expand.

    We have very few simple rules:

    • One, we ask that if you opt into derby, then you must complete 10/19 max tasks 320/400. We understand that real life gets hectic now and then so feel free to opt out anytime you need.

    • Two, please respect everyone in the hood. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    • Finally, please don’t raid the shops unless the owner has specified “Sale”. This is to allow trades to go thru smoothly.

    You will not find another relaxing, drama free, and yet highly competitive hood.

    If you are looking for a hood, and if HD Addicts Army sounds like a place you want to be, send me a text with your tag and I will invite you. We have a couple spots left that just might be your forever home.

    Happy Farming!!!

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    Hi if your interested my hood has uk players we don’t ask for much and we do help each other all the time. These are my details.

    ��Howdy farmers��
    Come & join us in The Dairy.
    Our hood has experienced High level members and we are looking for good honest members like you to help us build a fantastic strong team.
    We help each other when needed in the derby or not in the derby.
    You don’t have to be chatty just helpful.
    Fluent English speakers & over 18 only please.
    320/400 tasks & no obligation for an extra task
    Private message me on Facebook if your interested or just join us by putting in the hood Tag. #PU2LLRCG
    ��LVL 60 to join
    ��Elder on joining
    ��Group chat on FB
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    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    Plz come join our neighborhood. Weíve revamped and ready to start new. Tag # LUCUCYP
    Dem kountry folks

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    We are a friendly, helpful group. We have a good mix of people. We have a good mix of horseshoe and competive.
    Amarillo by mornin come join us #990jqv9p
    We are a balanced , friendly, competive neighborhood. We play derby a little diffrent. we play two weeks just for horseshoes which is a little laid back then two week reg derby. Other derby we play regular derbies which is for the prizes of top 3. We understand the need to opt-out when you need to.New member need to be level 55 to join. We also work and make changes as a group. We ask two things from you..

    1. Be courteous and say “ thank you” when you buy from others shop or when someone helps with boats, waters ect...
    say “your welcome” we understand that is not always conductive when doing truck tasks ect but once your done we appreciate it.
    2. We also use Kik it’s a free app and it does not send you unsolicited messages. We use this to communicate with one another and bettter help each other.

    Come by and meet us and say “Hello” see if our group is what your looking for. We are a chatty fun group. Come try us out.

    Thank you!! Hope to see y’all there
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    Hey! I and my friend have started a new neighborhood named MOO-LICIOUS, tag- #PPRRRV8R. We are friendly and helpful. Derby focused but no pressure at all. Opt in at your convenience. We are very active and love to help each other. We are an English speaking group. Do come by and check us out! 😁

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    We are a **SUPER ACTIVE** and **DERBY FOCUSED**

    We are taking as many people as we can!

    You must be active and derby focused to stay in this

    We are understanding about life situations!

    We are friendly and we help!!!


    Neighborhood tag: **#PURQPUV2**





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    Come check us out! Great group, fun, caring and we help others. I have been with this awesome group for over five years. We have over 100 gold trophies won and yes, Iím bragging 😀. If you opt in to the derby we play 320/400 tasks only. Our neighborhood is awesome! Come check us out! Serious Farming 2. Red emblem with green wheel. 28J980V2

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