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Thread: Level 134 looking for a stress free neighborhood,

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    We are a friendly championship league neighborhood looking for folks who love the derby. We ask for only a 1650 point minimum commitment with a 275 task minimum if you decide to opt in. We have a Facebook page we would like you to read bef ore joining called Southern Spice Neighborhood with our derby rules and more information on how we operate. You can let us know you agree to the facebook information by giving the password when you join or just telling us you agree. We have an outside game fun chat through group me if you wish. There is also a spreadsheet if you want to see our stats. We do share our derby log. Please have Chat turned on, be willing to communicate, speak English, and be level 45+, though most of us are level 70+. Southern Spice tag #2PLVJYRP, pink bat on pink shield.

    We have around 29 players from multiple countries and multiple time zones. Someone is generally on and active! We are like family (even have some families in our hood!) and many of us have been together since early 2015!

    We have placed in the top 3 spots in Champions league over 100 times so we place frequently and consistently stay in Championship league, though our requirements don't put undue pressure. We have a unique balance of fun, helpfulness, laid back, and derby competition.

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    ��Howdy farmers��
    Come & join us in The Dairy.
    Our hood has mainly uk experienced High level members and we are looking for good honest people like you to help us build a fantastic strong team.
    We help each other when needed in the derby or not in the derby.
    You don’t have to be chatty just helpful.
    Fluent English speakers & over 18 only please.
    320/400 tasks & no obligation for an extra task.
    ��Hood Tag. #PU2LLRCG
    ��LVL 60 to join
    ��Elder on joining
    ��FB Group
    ��Hood lottory Every friday
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join us.

    We are a very competitive, Derby enthusiastic neighbourhood and we have a few openings for high level people to come and be part of our team.

    We are multi-national and English speaking. We have people far and wide from across the globe so there are always people playing at any time, day or night.

    We have people at different levels in our neighbourhood, a few low but the majority are middle to high level. However no matter what level people are in our team, we always manage our Derby tasks confidently and successfully.

    We help each other during Derbys so no tasks are ever overwhelming. We do trade from time to time in order to help increase our farms and levels accordingly.

    All our Derby tasks are at 320/400 depending on the type of Derby. We all aim to compete a minimum of 9/18 tasks - the majority of us will do extra tasks to make sure we are at the top of our league.

    Lastly, but most importantly, we are a friendly, chatty group and try to make playing derbys as much fun as possible.

    I do hope you would like to give us a try and look forward to meeting you soon.

    Look for our tag


    Come and join the best neighbourhood with the warmest of welcomes you could find anywhere.

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    You may just love our hood then. We do play derby every week and try for all 320 or above BUT we never pressure to use diamonds or anything like that. Some do some dont. We do ask you complete all tmderby tasks but again, you will never be hounded, belittled or anything like that. Its bmvery easy going and I need high level players. Try us out, we would love to have you! Tag #uquyyuv

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    Hello..please check out happy cats. We are a chatty, international,drama free established hood with few rules or expectations.
    minimum 1000 in the derby
    help when you can
    be polite
    Advise us if you are going to be away

    our tag #9P82RYQU. Blue cat, yellow square

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    🐷🐔🐮BC BARNYARD🐮🐔🐷 - Come chill out on the farm with us

    green heart/purple lady
    TAG P98QG90L

    HayDay should be a stress reliever, not an addition to your stress. We love to derby and we ask that if you participate in derby, you please take 300 + tasks and complete all available tasks (extra task for diamonds not required). Please opt out on weeks you are busy or want to take a break.

    This is an ENGLISH SPEAKING neighborhood and English speaking members from around the world are welcome to join.

    So, if you:
    - like to help others
    - speak English
    - keep a steady stream of townies on your platform
    - are against derby bullying

    This hood was made for you!

    No strict rules other than derby requirements, just be respectful, communicate, and help.

    COME JOIN US and form part of our friendly family.

    *** here are a few additional facts about joining our family you may be wondering about:

    - Drama free team, looking for adults only.

    - Open to any time zone.

    - We will aim to get all available horse shoes and remain in champions league, while enjoying the game at the same time...without the stress.

    - We look forward to having you on our team!

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