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Thread: Lost my clan due to the update

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    Quote Originally Posted by uziu View Post
    I'm sure there are many other stories like this. I have some serious criticism over the automatic passing of leadership as well. The whole function is extremely poorly thought out. Usually the Clan Leaders have worked for months or years for their Clan. Yes they might take a break at some point. What sense is there to deprive them of the leadership during that time? Especially if they're burnt out, they usually uninstall the app to avoid the temptation to play and therefore won't be logging in "regularly."

    1.) There is the Co-Leader rank that can easily manage the Clan for a while if the Leader is absent.
    2.) It's just so easy to join another Clan or to make a new Clan if you don't want to be in the Clan that the Leader made.
    3.) There simply should be no passing of Leadership in any way whatsoever, because the Leader is 99% of the time the most committed player in the Clan and has built it from the ground up. That doesn't mean he might not take breaks from the game because of real life things like writing a thesis, being busy at work or just burning out/playing other games for a while. This is a slow paced game, why is the Clan not there for them when they come back???
    4.) It also creates totally nonsensical situations, e.g. it's absolutely incredible that a Clan that's called "Batman4ever" can pass the leadership away from the player called "Batman4ever" just because he hasn't logged in for a while

    I totally disagree with this. The Leader can at any moment kick every single member from his Clan and recruit 49 new ones if he so wishes. Therefore the Clan CLEARLY belongs to the Leader.
    well said dude
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    Quote Originally Posted by junaidd123 View Post
    I agree with all of your points.I feel bad for the op.He deserved better.This rule needs to be reversed.
    Everyone can feel sorry for the guy, but I disagree the decision should be reversed.
    There are more people involved in a clan than just the leader.. He simply spent the gold and chose the name.
    Once people are allowed to join and integrate, then it is also their clan.

    Leadership brings with it responsibility.. One of the major responsibilities is activity.. a CO can control many things, but not another CO.
    And in any case, if that CO is leading the clan, then he probably should be leader anyway.

    Only thing that should change is that a leader whom cant fulfil their obligations to the membership should willingly hand over to someone, rather than make the clan wait 90 days for automatic transfer to kick in.

    Quote Originally Posted by thesavagenate View Post
    well said dude
    It is always better for those leaders that look upon themselves as a king to carry their clan in their sig.
    This way, it is easier for people to see which clans to avoid mate.

    EDIT.. Disclaimer.. Just in case your post is misleading.. You are not agreeing with my comments, nor anyone else whom has the needs of the clan as a whole at heart.
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