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Thread: Option to Ban Players

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    Option to Ban Players

    I'm sure my clan is not the only clan that has issues with certain players spamming them with daily Join requests, and even some players taking it another step further by typing harassing messages in their requests. We need to have an option to allow leaders of every clan to ban players from being able to spam our chat with their unwanted, sometimes harassing, daily requests. And, of course, an option to remove a player ban if you happen to work out things with a player outside of the game. In my experience, the banning of a player from a clan should also restrict the banned player from being able to spam all players in the clans they are banned from with friend requests.

    And, to help both players and Supercell investigators more easily and efficiently put a stop to harassment issues within the game, you could also add a Report option to each Join request and to each friend request with a submenu to allow reporting players to select the reason for their reporting to also immediately alert Supercell why the player is being reported to them so it can initiate a request for further investigation into the issue.

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    Agree with you. This is a request for the Blacklist. The leaders have a list of players and tags, anyone on the list cannot join, and cannot request to join, no matter what. The leaders can add or remove names&tags, and doing so is reported in the clan chat.

    Since first requesting this, I note that SuperCell has improved the ability to report players. Have you tried this? Why did it not work?

    before chat messages has a report link, I used to use a screen grab and attach that to a support request. I didnít get much feedback, but I think the problem has diminished.

    also similar are spam messages, to buy things, gems, or things unrelated to Clash of Clans. I used to get them, but never get them any more.
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