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    Talking I love the forums!

    Im also on the Clash Royale Reddit and I must say, the forums are so civilized compared to the meme-ridden realm over there. Shoutout to the moderators for all your hard work!

    Id like to ask you, why did you join the forums? I joined cause I had a cool idea I wanted to share with the community. Swapping armies in CoC, I think it would be super helpful. But it never went through so that kinda sucks. Anyway, Id like to know! Tell me what your favourite sub forum is too! My personal fav is the games in CoC forums. Be sure to play nerf that troop and buff that troop, they kinda need some attention. Rules are posted in the game itself!

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    Recruitment - which didn't work out. :/

    It was OT for me. :/

    :/ :/
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    I joined to recruit people for my clan in Clash Royale, which actually turned out to be quite successful!

    My favourite subforum was probably the CR general subforum, some of the rants were hilarious...

    You really have too much time on your hands :smirk:
    Checking empty spaces in signatures again, huh? :smirk:
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    I don't know why I joined. I read the forums for about three years before I got an account.

    I like knowing I am not the only soul that takes clash wayyyy too seriously (in the fun way).
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    I was active on the forum for another game I used to play before starting Clash of Clans. It just seemed natural to learn about the game through the forum. I remember feeling a little intimidated by how much the other forumers knew about the game (and realized how little I did), so I read a lot before I posted. The forum atmosphere was a little different then with a lot of 3-star bravado, but there have always been great members of the community willing to share what they know. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    Look at links under signature! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    And we love you

    Pretty sure I joined because of the Ideas subforum, and I stayed because of the community. Nowadays, admittedly it's more like an ordinary message board but back then we had a rather robust community of very tight knit people Hope to see something like that again here
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    I think I joined looking for attack strategies and/or base designs.

    Had never been on a forum before, so I didn’t post much except on the counting threads whenever I had a minute.

    That’s how I met Dokugan (base design) and Nuke, Syzygy and a few others (counting games, reading their fun bios), etc.

    That eventually got me talking to people and hanging out in OT where I was introduced to TvMs and then things got wild, lol.

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    I joined about 4 mos after i started playing, stumbled across it while trying to figure the game out. I read/lurk more than post - never understood how so many can post multi times a day for years - huge time investment there. Love seeing people get help. Hate the trolls who think bc they know more, they can belittle other noobs who are new. Guess thats humanity for you...

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    Once upon a time, the forums were living a different era and there was my reply to your question OP.

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    I joined (today!) after a year or so stalking these forums. Just reading it, it seems like a good place (for a forum anyway ) to hang out and hopefuly make new friends

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