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Thread: Th11+th10+th9 looking for warring clan

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    Th11+th10+th9 looking for warring clan

    I am returning to clash after a year break and I need to relearn the warring meta. I am familiar with war attacks and base building. Iím very active on several times a day, and Iím open to learn anything when it comes to war. I need an active clan thanks. ( I have several accounts, a th11 a th10, a th9, and a th8)
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    My specific account stats

    My th11 is near maxed defense with maxed offense (troops and heroes maxed). My th10 is mid level with lvl 40 queen and almost completely maxed lab, my th9 is maxed but heroes are 24 (king) and 29 (queen)

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    Limits like fear are often just an illusion
    I think you will be a great fit for us.
    We are Total Anarchy,clan level 12,a sister clan to an all TH12s clan.
    We got many TH12s in the family,so you will always get max troops and sieges.
    We got players are happy to teach and learn new strategies.
    We got players from all over the world,so you will not be alone whenever you play.
    We always max clan games.
    Come give us a try.
    Our clan tag is :#2RUGQ9R
    Say 'Rak sent you' in the join request.

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    you can join us if you like! our clan is level 10 and we are looking for active members. Let me know if you would like to join so I can add you. Our clan is on invite only


    begum <3

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    Welcome to RA2: Insanity!

    Brother clan to Rising Asylum (MLCW szn 9 BKL)

    Part of the OG Family Alliance: Knights Templar (CWL), Curmudgeons (NDL)

    USA Based/International Friendly.

    Clan Games, SC CWL, Potlucks, & Randoms.

    Laid back, friendly, and drama free.

    Seeking Th9(15/15), 10(30/30), 11(40/40/10), & 12(50/50/20)

    Welcome to the family!

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    Hey, Cornwall's war #80QJVP9G will take your 10 and 11 if you'd like to join.

    Need another base builder in the ranks, we can take your 9 too if it's a dealbreaker if it couldn't join

    We're nice folks come give us a try

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    We are an level 13 War clan with a strong core. English speaking. Looking for active adult players,+18. We have the basic rules most war clans have:
    -must use both attacks
    -follow war notes
    -not really worried about donations, not a real problem in the clan
    -we participate in Clan games and CWL
    -war weight matters
    -yes our clan has siege machines

    Check us out at #9P9QQCOC


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    Hi friend—

    If you’re interested in warring, check out Last to Resorts (#8J20LRJQ). We’re a level 19 adult war clan based in the U.S., with a number of international players. Our wars consist of mainly TH11s and TH12s, with our TH11s and some TH12s going to our secondary clan during the Clan War League season for CWL there.

    We’re looking for like-minded clashers with a strong sense of team play. If that describes you, stop by for a visit and get to know us.

    We have new members do FCs before they’re put in war, so it’d be great if you have heroes up and a war army ready.

    Please mention this forum post in your request to join in. Thanks, and clash on!

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    We offer a clan for anyone

    50vs events

    League Play

    Active social

    Team work

    Looking for players that need a clan. We have 20plus to choose from

    Join our discord today


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    Check out FLATLINE 2.0 Level 15 #P9QYU8UR. Adult International relaxed mature environment Farm/Casual/CWL/Max Clan Points Clan. War is optional not require, but we do war and take it serious. No app to download but this is Wichita family clan of 4 discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

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