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Thread: Change clan name

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    Change clan name

    Is it possible to change clan name by the leader trough gems?

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    No, it is however possible if you appeal the name to Supercell, if they find the name inappropriate, they will give you the chance to change it
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    Clan name change

    I had requested many times to supercell to change our clan name due to privacy problem .. but In reply I am getting reply as " conversation closed " no reply

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    We need to change our clan name as well as it’s exposing but we can’t as they won’t help us. So we have to make a new clan loosing hundreds of war wins etc

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    Our clan is near to lvl15 . Now starting a new clan will feel no use sir

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    I sended them the request in help n support but I m getting conversation closed Everytime

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    At this time, it is not possible to change the clan name, so maybe a little forethought should be given before spending that gold.
    That name tag will stay with the clan for its entirety, so choose wisely.

    An offensive name can and will be changed, although I am not sure if the leader gets a second chance.. It may well be an automated choice.
    Havent tried it, and have never read about an actual change (except the couple of "exceptional circumstances" ones), so dont know.

    As for Support "closing" requests.. This is common with topics they cant help with.
    Always remember, they are busy people, and are usually inundated with an array of contacts, so will simply try to concentrate on those they can help, not those they cant.
    This should also be taken into account when considering a contact with support.. They are there to assist people who have real problems, eg a lost account.. if they were to spend their time massaging ones ego on mundane requests, they would not be able to actually support anybody.
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