The title is named after witnessing this most prominantly in wizards, for those wondering.
I have noticed that when a troop is attacking a building, the attack may be stalled / cancelled if a nearby building in there view range is destroyed or if a tesla appears.
This although not appearing to be an important issue is very annoying to deal with. Attacks may be stalled / cancelled multiple times in a row using up valuable time.
Meanwhile defences are fully able to damage the troops. This may leave undestroyed structures or running out of time. Attacks stalling / cancelling in the center of the base can cause samage to the attack as defences are heavily focused on them. I have had cases where a town hall or key defences are not destroyed due to the troop targeting issues.
This is most likely something unable to be fixed without changing troop attacking code, i just wanted to bring this issue up. Many thanks :D