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Thread: Hay Day becomes demotivating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayfield View Post
    We do have a couple of dead farms, which I may have to weed out soon. The ones who are active really aren't complaining. We do what needs to be done, we accept the annoyances with no more than a shrug of our shoulders. YES we want things to be better. We have sort of accepted that the valley will still be big and cloud covered so chances are we will never find the broken truck or fish shop that are lost in the clouds. We will have to trash 500 tasks apiece just to get enough 320 tasks to keep us busy. We believe that truck and boat tasks are the ONLY tasks we will ever see an abundance of, so we have all become a little burned out on them.
    Complaints to the Supercell help team, even about legitimate problems, like swear words showing up in chat, seems to fall on deaf ears.
    I can understand where the OP and others are coming from.
    Good points. Unlike most in the derby, my hood has only seen 3 truck tasks, but we are rich in baskets and boats. Fortunately, my hoodies don’t complain either they take a boat and prep for a basket to speed completion. I fear we will lose more to inactivity if SC does not bring back the fun of the game. I have lost 3 to boredom in the last three months. Saddens me to lose people we had connected with as friends who now never even visit the game.

    Unlike most, my neighbors enjoy the Valley and although their are things we would love to see improved, we figure it out. But if I could change one thing, it would be the variety of tasks....sun tasks, derby tasks, etc. I think with variety the major issue with boredom would be resolved.

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    The neighbourhood I was in became demotivated, not by the tasks or lack of certain types of tasks, but by the pressure from many in the hood saying we had to win every week, leaders insisted we only take tasks above a certain reward level etc. Basically everyone was sick of playing to win rather than just enjoying what was available and the thrill if we did get in the top three. I left for those reasons as the more people that left the bigger the pressure became. I started my own hood and often we do not bother with the derby or just one or two of us do it. As for the valley we play that as and when we feel like it after all Hay Day is a game not a competition.

    End result everyone is happily getting on with their farms and helping each other, no pressure, no stress just enjoyment. Of course thats not for everyone but it works for us.

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