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Thread: Hay Day becomes demotivating

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    Hay Day becomes demotivating

    Hi everyone
    I donít know about you guys but lots in my hood find Hay Day becoming very demotivating...not fun anymore.
    Power derby for example....easier task then normal.
    Well if easier means basket tasks with strawberries and goatmilk...sigh.
    We have long tasks or 274 point tasks instead of the 320 we need.
    If we spend gems(free will)even then long tasks show up.
    So whatís up?
    The valley sucks coz I have the feeling supercell isnt listening at all at our complaints.
    First spin...6 fuel...well my truck was out of fuel quickly.
    I always loved this game but its so demotivating lately.
    I sure hope things are going to change coz already a lot i know stopped playing.
    No new things for the higher levels while they need new challenges.
    Does Supercell want us to stop playing?
    I truly hope someone from headquarters is reading this so it gets taken seriously


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    I agree with you Yvonne , the game is getting very repetitive, after 5 years it’s getting close to putting the farm to bed one last time,
    We have no real challenges at high levels , even starting a second farm to relieve the boredom has worn off.
    I have met some great people playing this game and it’s so sad when they decide they have had enough. Come on Supercell give us higher levels more of a challenge.
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    I’m feeling your pain today and in general as well. The power derby has become my least favorite as it is literally a challenge only to trash tasks. The drop rate is worse than in regular 10 task derbies and it’s just a repetitive miserable slog to keep coming back every 30 min to see nothing come up. No skill required.

    the valley is a glitchy mess.

    There has been no improvements or changes made elsewhere and it’s just all feeling....underwhelming.

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    I so agree with you guys...its just sad they dont/wont see this problem.
    And the valley special price....a garden bench...a campfire and a wheelbarrow.
    A special price needs to be special and not a thing many of us already have.
    Be creative and make the valley a extra town with new shops(the shops are already there)
    Add a fuel station were we can buy fuel with coins,gems or vouchers.
    6 fuel or 9 fuel is nothing when you want to play
    20,50 even 100 sun is easy to get but after that it stops
    I did 1500 once and will never do it again.
    I’m a hardcore player so it will be even more difficult to a newbie.
    Add more team play tasks in town or work together with other hoods on 1 task
    We need more challenges
    its just not fun and graphics etc look great but compared to the rest it just doesnt fit
    But thats my personal opinion.
    Please listen to youre players supercell coz more ppl will stop playing if this continues.
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    my hoodies are arranging a hay day funeral.
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    In my opinion the valley is just a side track on Hay Day that does not have to be played. It really offers no benefit to the actual game that I can think of. No XP, no coins. The prize offerings is only 1x each for so many tokens we have to earn. To be honest I mainly enjoy just to see how far I can travel back and forth along my planned route on the limited fuel I get. I could care less about the prizes except for the chicken award diamonds.
    What is really demotivating is have two days of very poor fuel tasks lined up. Very hard to make enough suns for repeat spins. Also why am I getting 6 repeatedly all of the time on the wheel. Did that to me last season also.
    It would be nice to have a wheel that is not rigged for depression.

    Well the fun is over in derby. Aside from losing 75% of my hood players over last blossom derby, I now see we getting loads of low point tasks to trash again and only few 320 which everyone want as we are in Champions league. I guess I should look at the bright side, we have less team players who want 320s. All in all if all competing teams are getting the same style of task generation (without diamond manipulation) then it is a fair game.

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    The same In my nb!everyone is upset that the task board is back to boats&baskets with hardly any 320 tasks!it seemed that this was fixed for a couple power derbies And everyone was happy for the most part☀️☀️

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soccer7574 View Post
    The same In my nb!everyone is upset that the task board is back to boats&baskets with hardly any 320 tasks!it seemed that this was fixed for a couple power derbies And everyone was happy for the most part☀️☀️
    Yup! Most of my hood is frustrated because we all have lives and don't want to spend all day fighting each other for a task as we continuously trash! One of my hoodies is ready to stop playing since the derby is so stressful trying to get a task and the Valley is underwhelming.

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    I can sympathize. We have a small hood (10) but only 6 in the derby. We have already trashed over 300 tasks and we can never find decent point value tasks to do. One person in our hood has done 10 while the rest of us have done 2-5. Problem is the task board is always empty so my hood mates are tired of checking in to have nothing to choose from....literally no available tasks.

    we started keeping tasks over 300 rather than just 320s and we still cannot even generate enough tasks for 6 people in the derby. This is absolutely not random and can be fixed. I am the leader in my NH and I personally would love to opt out of future power derbies because it is just a trial to see who can trash the most tasks. I am sick of the monotony.

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    We do have a couple of dead farms, which I may have to weed out soon. The ones who are active really aren't complaining. We do what needs to be done, we accept the annoyances with no more than a shrug of our shoulders. YES we want things to be better. We have sort of accepted that the valley will still be big and cloud covered so chances are we will never find the broken truck or fish shop that are lost in the clouds. We will have to trash 500 tasks apiece just to get enough 320 tasks to keep us busy. We believe that truck and boat tasks are the ONLY tasks we will ever see an abundance of, so we have all become a little burned out on them.
    Complaints to the Supercell help team, even about legitimate problems, like swear words showing up in chat, seems to fall on deaf ears.
    I can understand where the OP and others are coming from.
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