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    Inactive Leadership

    Hello, I am currently the only Co-Leader in my clan and I have revived my clan. I established this clan on 3/9/2015, however I took a break from the game and left the clan and gave it to my friend Mark at the time. Mark has been inactive ever since I came back onto the game and he hasn't been in the game for over two years. I have revived the clans and started wars and currently the only co-leader in the clan and I would like a request for my leadership position back, considering our leader does not play the game anymore and is inactive. Our clan hashtag is #2RRGYORC and my account ID is RiceChainZ and my hashtag is #L09PCLVO.

    Assistance for a leadership rotation to my account would be helpful. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

    SideNote: The new season has reset and there has not been a leadership rotation. So I am wondering if a supercell representative or anyone can help get my leadership back from my inactive friend.

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    There is a system put into place to assist clans like yourselves.
    If the leader fails to log on within a 90 day period, then leadership is automatically transferred to the longest serving co leader.
    If there is no co leader, then longest serving elder.

    Since you are the only co leader, then it will automatically transfer to you.
    If leadership doesnt transfer, then it means at some point, the leader has been online, even if only briefly.
    Soon as he logs on, the timer resets to 90 days again.

    Hope things work out for you mate, but nobody will manually transfer someone elses clan to you, no matter what the history of the clan is. You gave it away, so if he doesnt hand it back, then its his to keep.
    But that transfer will happen soon as the 90 day period elapses. It doesnt have to be start of new season or whatever.. 90 days mate.

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