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Thread: Battle machine, Super peakkas like to get crushed

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    Battle machine, Super peakkas like to get crushed

    So frustrated with this. A BM or SP will go right past a crusher and onto the very next building or defense next it so there backs are turned to the crusher and are getting smashed.

    Its the stupidest thing I've ever seen and it happens every attack. Why are they not attacking the crusher first which is the closest building. frustrating!
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    Improving battle machine’s AI should be top priority for BB imo. Bases are specifically made to take advantage of this flaw, that’s why you get crushed over and over unless you have a strategy to kill the crusher before your hero gets nearby, be it with air troops, or cannon carts or whatever.
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    Hogs freeze their crush and take them down easy if you use them surgically as hogs first target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyb23 View Post
    Why are they not attacking the crusher first which is the closest building. frustrating!
    They actually do! Problem is: sometimes the crusher is not the closest building the very moment the troops/BM are in the process of selecting a new target!
    And they will stick to a target until they got distracted by guard troops or their target is destroyed.

    The BM has two additional "re-targeting" events:
    1) after a certain time if it takes to long to reach a target
    2) when you activate its Hammer Ability

    Learn to use (2) tactically to either willingly attack the crusher (activate hammer right next to it) or even
    skip/bypath the crusher by activating the hammer when the closest target is 2 or 3 buildings away from the crusher.
    On the famous "bracket" bases the latter is often possible to achieve when activating the hammer at the entry corner of
    the base.

    -- marrvin
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    Change on the list of target priority. Seen BM even walk past cannon and Tesla to hit a firecracker and get smashed by all defences. Enroute passed a gold n elix storage and a mine... all of that missed percentages for a lousy firecracker and basically suicide. Waste....only good for distracting lava launcher and archer towers IMO

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    BM so bad.. just don't want waste time and write about it.. need asap many time want record video.. bud did anyone care? Don't think so..
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