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Thread: Wishing we can sell nets, fishing lures etc!

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    Wishing we can sell nets, fishing lures etc!

    Hello, I've been playing hayday for quite a bit and i just have a suggested update for the future that im sure alot of other members would enjoy as well. What would be cool is if we were allowed to sell fishing item like nets, fishing lures etc. Thanks!
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    Support- this would he helpful.
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    I agree, if they let us sell sanctuary wheat bundles we should be able to sell lures, it is the same process.
    This would be especially nice during mystery derbies when someone gets stuck with 3 fishing tasks.
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    I agree, I think allowing farms to sell lures and nets should be allowed.
    I think we should be able to have a garage sell stall sell boxes, only this one we can sell our decorations we dont want. The yard sell times needs to be more often or add the above mention.

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    Lures you can donate in limited amounts. Nets (along with lobster n duck stuff), no. The netmaker expansion slots are ridiculously expensive, intended to create that bottleneck. So i dont think they want to undo that diamond sink by allowing nets donation. Dont have anything against the idea personally.

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