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Thread: Looking for a new NH

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    Looking for a new NH

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    BIG HAWKE’S NEST # PYCYPWO9 is a brand new neighbourhood looking for new neighbours to join. You can come check it out or look me up Lazy Farm. We only have 2 members so far

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    Hey! I and my friend have started a new neighborhood named MOO-LICIOUS, tag- #PPRRRV8R. We are friendly and helpful. Derby focused but no pressure at all. Opt in at your convenience. We are very active and love to help each other. We are an English speaking group. Do come by and check us out! 😁

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    Small but friendly neighborhood 😃
    I'm a very active player, so I decided to create our very own neighborhood where there will be guaranteed communication between all the neighbors. Constant help with the derby's, filling boat orders, and even completely tasks. If you're tired of being in a neighborhood where no one speaks to each other come on over to the WE ARE FAMILY!! Hope to see you there! Tag # PP29G09R

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    Plz come join dem kountry folks. We need you!
    Tag # LUCUCYP
    We’re starting over rebuilding the hood and really need strong, dedicated and addicted players!

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    Come check us out! Great group, fun, caring and we help others. I have been with this awesome group for over five years. We have over 100 gold trophies won and yes, I’m bragging 😀. If you opt in to the derby we play 320/400 tasks only. Our neighborhood is awesome! Come check us out! Serious Farming 2. Red emblem with green wheel. 28J980V2

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