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Thread: Season 2 of the Valley

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    Last season my Valley group only got 110 chickens—and I read here about other groups that didn’t even reach 100–so I think 100 is challenging enough. Some groups may find 100 easy, but I’m guessing others will find it impossible. You can’t please everyone, but I’d rather err on the side of making the goal possible for the majority of players.

    Very well stated! I whole heartedly agree! Many of us play this game casually, to relax. We want game goals to be attainable. There are too many other things in our real lives that are challenging and require great deals of our time. If this game becomes more time consuming (as if it’s not already), some of us will just walk away from it. That might not matter to any of the other forum members here, but it should matter to SC because many of the casual players buy diamonds.

    On a side note—does anyone know how Valley groups are formed? I see other members of my NH there, but I also see other players in my valley that I don’t know. They aren’t from my list of friends/neighbors either. Luckily, they’re somewhat active. I wish we could have more control over who’s in the valley with us, or have the ability to communicate with them somehow. Maybe that’s something they’ll add in the future...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kkarin View Post
    About the second Valley shop. I was worried and checked Facebook. It is a mistake, an unexpeted consequence of the maintenance. They will fix it later this week with a new maintenance.
    Or sooner as Frisco informed us about the maintenance to fix the broken rewards about 40 minutes ago.
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    I'm disappointed that nothing has changed in terms of fuel tasks and that some of the bugs from season one haven't been fixed. I still can't help other trucks (nothing happens when I tap on a broken-down truck) and the "fuel spin available" message still fails to pop up if someone in the valley has collected chickens in the meantime.

    I don't know if it's just me, but it also seems that more fuel is needed to drive between buildings? Or maybe it's just the part of the valley I'm currently in. There seem to be more of those dots that count as one fuel.

    I also haven't found a single chicken yet, although with only 100 needed, that's not a huge worry.
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    Well after the fix my rewards are suddenly a LOT better. So thanks to the team. I now have something to work towards again.

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    No meaningful change in the rewards for me. I have no interest in the chicken rewards since our valley never gets to 100, and there is still only one permit in my regular rewards. As far as I can tell, they just substituted a slew of 1-crate boat vouchers for other rewards. Unfortunately, they chose to replace the sets of 3 ditches which were the only things I would have worked for besides the permit. That means I can have a leisurely season. I have 17 days to collect about 280 of each color token for the one permit which will be available in the last set. So minimal valleying for me this season.

    Did anyone else notice Rose’s snide remark in the Moosflash about permits and rare rewards being rare for a reason?

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    So much for fixing the valley rewards-mine are exactly the same as before, with no expansion permits and 3 or 4 puzzle pieces I have no use for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAGE214 View Post
    Does anyone know why the Valley Shop store items changed? Now only shows a wheelbarrow, bench and campfire (which can be purchased with coin). I already have all these and I think they've been around since the beginning of the game. Sorry just read another posting saying it is a maintenance mistake.

    BTW, it's not so easy to get 100 chickens, my valley barely got over that last time (I think we had about 110 or so). So all of you who have huge neighborhoods it's not all about you guys. There are a lot of us single players our there who rather not deal with all the drama queens in big hoods.
    The valley our NH was in last time was a ghost town. Our NH has 9 players and only 6 participated in the Valley. We managed to snag 286 chickens and our NH got 0ver 230 of those last season. We learned very quickly ignore group tasks unless it helped us fulfil a daily quest or unless we had three people on to do it right then. If not, we focused on completing our quests and collecting roadside cluckers. We ignored the rest. This Valley we are again in a group of very inactive hoods and individuals and we have already collected 44 with the 6 of us collecting 38 of the 44 so far.

    Our hood is not high level. I have a L128 Farm but all other farms in my hood are L48-63, so it can be done. However, it does require a bit of coordination and notifying each other when we see a chicken within a reasonable proximity to their truck. We also use only the in game thread to communicate, so it also requires checking in on the game 2-4 times a day.

    Please donít despair, it is doable and maybe you will be fortunate to get a better group in your Valley this season. Here is to happy chicken chasing!

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    Yes MiniGardener, I caught the permit remark, (it said volumes). I was looking at tomorrow’s fuel cycle.
    4 trucks = 10 suns/ 5 chicken feed = 1 sun/ 10 carrots = 1 sun.
    Will not be going very far. I have two permits available, woo hoo!!
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    Rose's rude remark? Now I'm mad. Did she say the reason?

    Last valley I had 2 permits in my rewards. This valley I have 1 permit, and it's in the final time slot.

    The he train is a disaster. Wish they offered the car again, I'd stock up.

    Since there's nothing else worth buying now besides the one permit I can get easily will be skipping the next 3 weeks other than a daily spin to help my neighbors

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniGardener View Post
    ...Did anyone else notice Rose’s snide remark in the Moosflash about permits and rare rewards being rare for a reason?
    If Rose had said "asymmetric drops of expansion materials," I would have fallen off my chair and rolled on the ground in laughter.

    For those who missed it, former Hay Day Game Designer Touko discussed the above game design which I will excerpt from my post in 2018.

    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    Earlier this year, Supercell Game Designer (GD) and Game Lead (GL) Touko Tahkokallio (TT) gave a talk at the 2018 Game Developers Conference which took place in San Francisco. TT was the GD for Hay Day and Boom Beach and the GL for Brawlstars during its first nine months. He is currently the GL for an undisclosed new game.

    In the first 20 minutes of his presentation, TT used HD as one of the three examples to share his design philosophy and how Supercell executed their great ideas and made hit games such as HD and BB.

    Here are my takeaways:

    * Players gain certain materials asymmetrically. Players are divided into 27 groups and get the same expansion tools and same drop rate but there's a permutation so some will get more or less of the tools to encourage selling surplus tools and buying the missing tools...
    August 7, 2019
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