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Thread: Season 2 of the Valley

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnHappyPlayer View Post
    if anyone doesn’t like the village just don’t worry about it and play as normal
    Unfortunally the Valley experience is depending on the other players being somewhat active. I actually decided last time, that I was not going to participate this time, however after trying to be in a Valley with almost no activity, I know, how that affects and destroys the experience for those, who are active. So I have decided to go daily and spin my spins, pick up the chickens I stumble upon, do the group task I meet on my 6-9 moves journey and otherwise ignore the Valley. That way I don't - completely - ruin the game for those, who actually want to play it.

    I am in a neighbourghood of three, and I am the only one participating from my NH.

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    Reading some posts here makes me think there should be an option for a large NH to aim for 250 chickens and small hoods to aim for 100.

    But whatever they choose, a campfire for some red tokens probably won't tempt me.

    I am hoping it's a new system where the first 100 chickens opens the shop immediately, then a new 150 goal pops up with a new chicken shop, and a train deco, boosters and diamonds!

    Though I really can't see the point of the change. The best thing about the valley was the chicken chase and a decent prize.
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    After resetting the rewards board, I still have exactly zero land permits. Good job Hay Day-2 different boards, 0 chances for a permit.

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    Ad sun tasks still 1 duck/lobster traps; day 2 duck/lobster tasks; checked for tomorrow and you guessed traps. Also have derby tasks so can probably get to the 200 spin level but can never get to 550 with these tasks. I had traps stocked up...25 of each, but will be out before tomorrow comes even with making them nonstop. Ugh. Surely they can come up with more variety than this.

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    It's all a question of creating incentive for players to participate

    I was very pleased that the chicken requirement was reduced. Thank you SC!

    CREATING INCENTIVES : That one change created a HUGE incentive for players to participate in the Valley, so much so that with more active players, it became even more feasible to attain the chicken goal -- a positive feedback loop, so to speak.

    DESTROYING INCENTIVES: BUT then I find this morning that the original special store decos (diamonds, train, boosters) have been perversely swapped out to a ho hum wheelbarrow, bench and fire pit! So incentive to play has been drastically cut, once again!

    In my Valley you can see an immediate effect on player participation: 16 chickens collected yesterday, 2 so far today. I for one will stop collecting chickens unless prizes are switched back -- that seems to be only way to get the message across to the powers that be.

    SC has to commit to increasing player participation. That means 1. making goals realistic (but not overly easy since some degree of challenge adds to the fun) and 2. providing worthwhile rewards (fewer rewards is fine, but those given should be of high value). (Adding 3. fun graphics and animations to the Valley would also help bring players in -- it's such a dismally boring ghost town still, but that is a separate issue I won't address here.) Applying these principles to today's reward switch -- it would have made more sense to switch out one, maybe two, of the choice special rewards, but switching out all three was obviously a blunder that, unless speedily corrected, will doom this second season of the Valley as fully as the first.
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    About the second Valley shop. I was worried and checked Facebook. It is a mistake, an unexpeted consequence of the maintenance. They will fix it later this week with a new maintenance.
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    They will fix it? Yes!
    We will get two fire pits!
    / sarcasm off/

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    No plank in my shop and chicken shop rewards changed

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    Quote Originally Posted by valleria View Post
    I have now 3 puzzle piece ... but i have finished the sanctuary a long time ago ... weird to have the possibility to having something that you can not use !!!!! Something must be changed i think.

    for the first page, the "chicken page", i understand why they have changed it ... 100 chicken is really easy in 21 days ... that's 5 chicken a day, really easy (we have 12, 1 day after it begins) !!!! ... maybe 150 should be the right amount to set that not impossible but not so easy ...
    Last season my Valley group only got 110 chickensóand I read here about other groups that didnít even reach 100Ėso I think 100 is challenging enough. Some groups may find 100 easy, but Iím guessing others will find it impossible. You canít please everyone, but Iíd rather err on the side of making the goal possible for the majority of players.

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    Does anyone know why the Valley Shop store items changed? Now only shows a wheelbarrow, bench and campfire (which can be purchased with coin). I already have all these and I think they've been around since the beginning of the game. Sorry just read another posting saying it is a maintenance mistake.

    BTW, it's not so easy to get 100 chickens, my valley barely got over that last time (I think we had about 110 or so). So all of you who have huge neighborhoods it's not all about you guys. There are a lot of us single players our there who rather not deal with all the drama queens in big hoods.
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