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Thread: Best TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Stratagy

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    What is the best TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Stratagy 2019??

    I am searching for some exact army setups for Dark-Elixir Farming.

    My Stats:
    Queen level 16
    King level 20
    Troops/Base maxed out
    Current League Silver 2
    User code #GJYLLP

    I am open for recommendations of:

    -Army composition
    -CC Troops

    to gain the most Dark Elixir per attack.

    Best Greetings and Clash On!!
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    Your average goblin knife goes something like this:

    100 goblins
    8-10 giants
    4-6 wb
    the rest barbs and archers for funneling (mostly taking out resource buildings that would lead goblins around instead of into the base)
    2 heal
    1 rage
    1 jump (best if it's level 2 to buy time for goblins to pass)

    cc troops and heroes doesn't matter, the tactic works without either. If you have either it's obviously a bonus, but it probably won't increase loot dramatically.

    Deployment goes something like this:
    1 couple of barbs and archers to clear funnel
    2 giants + WB to break into compartments on the shortest path to DE store, hopefully tanking and taking out splash defenses.
    3 Follow giants with a heal spell if there's heavy defense.
    4 put down jump on the path to DE store
    5 2-3 finger spam goblins towards DE store
    6 rage and heal on goblins, especially if TH and DE store is in same compartment (this is often the case)
    7 profit

    Deployment isn't set in stone apart from goblins needing tanks and a jump before being deployed. So there's room for quite a bit of variation here.

    Trophy league doesn't really matter either. The league bonus is great, but the efficiency of goblin knife comes from a combination of low training cost, short training time and resource targeting troops.
    What matters though, is that the base layout is in such a way that you can make a path from the outside and into the DE store with at maximum breaking one line of wall and a jump spell for the rest.
    What also matters somewhat is the level and placement of splash defenses. If the path to DE store is lined with especially maxed WT and it's unlikely your giants will be able to tank it all, then skip the base.

    Also, don't waste time on a base with less than 2k DE.
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    Thank you very much for the very detailed description.

    I also heard something about Queen Walk and Queen Charge are these farming strategies and how do they work?

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    Yea so a queen walk is a part of an attack strategy that involves a high level queen with about 4 healers and a funnel troop (usually a bdragon) to clear the outer structures of a base.

    A queen charge on the other hand is a part of an attack strategy where a high level queen with typically 5 healers, a funnel troop, some wall breakers and rage spell(s) are used to break into a base core and take out specific structures.

    Both of these above are only part of a strategy, which means they only really work in combination with the main part of your army.

    A QW alone will cost around 60k+ elixir and a QC will cost about 90-100k elixir or so. The former is about one third the cost of a goblin knife, but will leave you with very little elixir budget and camp space for a main army. This makes it a poor competitor with goblin knife in in terms of efficiency.

    But any army composition can be used for farming if one really wants. However there are compositions and strategies that are very efficient and compositions and strategies that are essentially a waste of time.

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    Thank you,

    And how is this used as war/trophy strategy. Could you give me a detailed description again please.

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    Yea no, way too much to cover and it's already been done elsewhere:


    Both are older articles, but the fundamentals are solid. After reading those you could plug keywords into YT and see how it's done in various settings and with various tactics.

    Also I suggest using the search function or starting a new thread to not clutter this thread with off topics.
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    Walking through your base, stealing your dark elixir
    I've used this strategy since TH8 and it's paid dividends at every TH level. 14 giants, 8 wallbreakers, and your choice of fill-in with goblins, archers, and barbarians. I use about 40% of my remaining space on barbs, then a 30/30 split for goblins and archers. I will also preface this by saying this is not in any way, shape, or form a trophy-pushing or trophy-keeping composition. This isn't even about maintaining trophies in a given attack, I lose 3 out of 4 attacks using this comp. If you want to maintain a specific league, you're going to have to cook a different army every so often and get yourself back there.

    Anyway, the strategy is:

    1. Get to Crystal

    2. Find dead bases

    3. Distract defenses with giants and barbs while your goblins steal the multitude of resources available in the mines, collectors, and drills

    4. Rinse and repeat this about 1 million times and you'll be there

    Personally, I have never trophy pushed while I was upgrading my base unless it was just walls left. I have pushed into Legends and I can tell you, for me, it's incredibly boring to play this game while you're not upgrading anything. Being maxed is boring. But, don't let me or anyone else dictate how you play the game; figure out what you like and go to it. Me? I like upgrading and raiding dead bases for 600k gold and elixir and 6k dark and turning a mad profit doing it.

    Good luck with your base
    Someone else may have another idea, but that's how I'd do it™

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    The above tactic I've described I've been using for quite a while on a mini th9. It's currently floating around in masters. I think, the reason why it's been stable in trophies for a while is due to a combination of goblins taking out the TH quite often and funneling troops sometimes getting me to 50% destruction.

    So it's not entirely impossible to be trophy stable with just goblin knife.

    However it's clearly not interesting to climb too high due to decrease in dead bases and increase in max bases.

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