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Thread: I just inherited the leadership of my clan. ..Help Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yachi View Post
    It would be good to know the background story on how you got to be the leader of the clan in the first place? Then a little more information on what your clan is like. Farming or war clan? There are different ways to run clans depending on their expectations and yours.
    My previous leader led the clan as a SERIOUS WAR CLAN. After we lost a war by one star because some of my clan mates did not attack, he had a fight with them. They told that he wasn't a Good Leader and blaming one person for losing the war when he made us win other wars is very unjust.Then they left the clan and went their own ways. Since then my leader was hardly online at all. The last conversation I had with him was the night 4 days ago. He told me he was sick of playing coc ( obviously because his valuable clan mates left ).I told him that I will take care of the clan if he doesn't want to play anymore. ...

    Brrr. ..

    The next morning I came online and I nearly had a heart attack. Our leader had left us and he had transferred the Lead to me. He said not a single word.Maybe he did so because I was the most online, most donating, most clan gaming player. But I am no good at Wars. I might be Zeus, but not Mars ( God of War ).

    Since then we have lost every single war. We had about 45 members but 20 left in that chaos. CHAOS indeed!

    EDIT : I dint know what type of clan we are. Earlier as stated above we used to be A SERIOUS WAR CLAN. But now what? ...!

    EDIT2 : I have got 10 Co Leaders to be precise out of 30 members
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    Sounds to me you guys depended on a few war veterans to carry the weight of the entire clan during wars. The moment they left, you guys struggle. Some questions that you need to ask yourself:

    1. Do you really want to be the leader of the clan? Seems to me you were somewhat having the responsibility dumped on you by your former leader, so this is not of your choosing. If you do not want to be the leader, pass it on to someone else whom you think is able to do a better job than you. Otherwise, hold onto it till this person shows up or is being developed (could be you). If you are keen to take up this responsibility and want to learn, read on...

    2. Being a leader is not a simple task. As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility". First of all, you must know what kind of clan you want it to be now that it is in your hands. Since your clan was formerly a serious war clan, start working on your own war attacks. Lead by example. If you want to be a leader that inspires good attacking capabilities, you have to be slightly above average in your ability to score stars in your war attacks, and that would mean the ability to triple THs of your same level with a fair amount of consistency. As you build up your credibility, you can start guiding your team mates to attack better. No one will bother to listen to you if you perform poorly yourself. Watch YouTube tutorials with an open mind. Use them as a guide, while putting these strategies to the test in friendly challenges with your team mates. Frequent FCs would also lead to improved online activity.

    3. What kind of TH breakdowns do you bring to war? Forming a good roster is just as important as being decent in attacking. What kind of accounts do you have in your clan? Maxers, rushed or engineered? This will determine the opponents you will face in regular wars.

    4. Build better bases. This is the easier part as compared to mastering attack strategies. If your team struggles against a certain opponent's base, get people to copy that and practice in FCs. Not only you have a better base, you can train on beating it as well.

    1/3 of your team are Co Leaders... this is clearly too much. You need to choose the right kind that actually helps in leading the team. Promote those with good attitude and the ability to lead, not by the number of donations or clan game points. Activity or performance is not leadership, but those with good attitude can cultivate skills. I'd suggest demoting all Co Leaders and start afresh. There will be resistance... this is the time when attitude comes into play. Those that do not understand will be toxic, weed these players out asap.

    There will be pain and suffering. Pain from losing many players, but to those that chose to stay during this trial period, you know they can be keepers in future. Be encouraging, be positive, curb every negative comment, set the clan rules and adhere strictly to it. Reward openly with praise or promotion to those that deserve it, reprimand in private if possible unless you want the whole team to learn from that mistake. Be true to your word and uphold punishment should clan rules be violated.

    I can tell you, it is not an easy job, but once you developed a team with a strong bond, you will find it all worth while.

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    Or maybe you already lost the war players, and are simply left with the casuals that dont care about the turmoil, or indeed the war log.

    If that is the case, then trying to drive them to be disciplined warriors, as explained above, will simply drive them out too.
    If you have been as active as you say, you will know what you have left.

    Your path forward will be determined by your resident members, or you will simply have possession of a shell, and will be starting from scratch, albeit a shell with a good clan level, if it was a war clan.
    But a war clan needs a warrior at the front, and you already said war is not your forte.

    In future, careful what you ask for mate.. Being leader isnt all its cut out to be. It grants no prestige or importance, simply responsibility.
    Good luck.. Go get em.

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    There is no "magic formula" to lead a clan. I would only suggest a couple of things:

    1) State which is the purpose of the clan. Are you a war clan? If so are you going to war 24/24 or once or twice a week? Are you a ladder clan? Are you casuals? That stated suite your roster to your needs after telling your clanmates you chose that direction. If they are fine to that they'll stick otherwise is better for everyone if they leave and you get other people.

    2) Once 1 is done set few rules accordingly e.g.: green/red shield to partecipate in war(s), no royals no war, attack on targets set by leader and coleaders etc..

    3) get no more than 3, max 4 coleaders you trust to help you. You won't need more anyway and if there are more there'lbe confusion on leadership sooner or later.

    4) try to explain people your decisions. If you want to kick someone discuss with your coleaders about it. The more they get involved the better for the clan.


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