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Thread: NEW: Johnny Clash Gaming Youtube Channel: Focusing on Base Design and Testing at TH12

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    Latest TH 12 Base with 4 Replays!

    Check it out:

    -Johnny Clash Gaming-

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    Awesome TH 12 CWL Base:

    -Johnny Clash Gaming-

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    I found the Achille’s heel to Itzu’s Base!

    watch how to 3 star it here:

    -Johnny Clash Gaming-

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    This is an awesome base:

    -Johnny Clash Gaming-

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    “THE GOLDEN ARROW!” New TH 12 War/CWL/Legends Base:

    Excellent asymmetrical Base designed to prevent 3 star attacks! 4 Replays to show you the merits of this base.

    -Johnny Clash Gaming-

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