PHASE 1 (Immediate Upgrades)
This phase is the immediate ramp up phase. This is where you will use the items and loot you should have saved up before upgrading town halls. Having a full compliment of Books, Hammers, Special Offers, & Gold Pass if possible.

PHASE 2 (I can't wait to grow up)
Race to level 15+ heroes.
Race to unlock a max 3 star army for your town hall. Typically
Laloon or GoHo
Dragons and Loons are typically the most efficient way to farm
all bases and town halls you will encounter in any league
Once getting your phase 2 gold upgrades complete, it's all
walls... and heroes... and walls... and heroes... and walls... and

PHASE 3 (You're in the end game now)
Your main offensive objective will be to 3 star any max town
hall 9 in war.
Your main defensive objective will be to max everything on your
base not already upgraded
The Current meta will require you to be familiar with witchslap
once your heroes are level 20+ in addition to mastering laloon
or GoHo.
If you are in a war clan you should never drop your xbows until
your heroes are level 15+ and you should NEVER max your
defenses until your heroes are 20+.
You can upgrade your ADs, teslas, traps, & walls to max while
you farm your heroes to the appropriate level.


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