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Thread: The Forum Cup is finally Back! Adapt or Die event 16/17/18 August

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    What a brilliant event so far... WOW... 👍👍👍👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by zok000 View Post
    What a brilliant event so far... WOW... 👍👍👍👍
    Confusing but fun 😂 lots of stressed clanmates there

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    Quote Originally Posted by D4nte View Post
    Confusing but fun  lots of stressed clanmates there
    Heehee, the hint was in the title - definitely some thought required in this one! Especially day 2 where the choice was wide enough you could do pretty much any full 3* attack strategy, but doing 2 of them that didn't overlap... that's tough
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    Day 3 Adapt or Die theme is: "Revenge is a dish best served hot!"

    Find it confusing having so many troops to choose from? Then today is your lucky day! Today the theme is turning your opponents' against them. The troops are chosen for you - you just need to work out what to do with them!

    First attack:
    Must use the exact same troop composition you were attacked by in day 2. If attacked more than once you can pick any one. If you weren't attacked, then use the attacks on the person below you.
    If you were attacked by someone with more troop/spell capacity, then you can choose what to leave out, but cannot add anything back. So if you are 20 spaces short and leave out a lava hound, you can't fill the odd 10 spaces. If you were attacked by someone with less capacity, you can add more of anything they used. But again, can't miss anything out- you must use the full numbers they used, plus any extra spaces. These rules apply to troops, spells AND siege choice. You can use your heroes, regardless of whether they did. You can also use anything (troops, spell) in your CC - you don't need to make that match.
    First attack must be on your own TH. It must be a genuine attack (because - see below), not junk troops

    Second attack:
    This has to wait until either you are attacked, or 8 hours has elapsed - if this is a problem contact us.
    If you have been attacked, then you must attack with the exact same army you were attacked by (including spells and siege) on your first defence. If attacked more than once, then only the first counts.
    If you haven't been attacked after 8 hours, then you get a free hit and can use anything you like.
    And yes, this will lead to some serious clan-level strategy
    Again you can use any CC. And this attack can be on any target, any TH. So you can dip to clean with this attack.
    If you haven't been attacked, and it's not 8 hours in and you cannot wait to attack, contact us and we'll tell you what troops to use.
    If the first attack on you used junk troll troops to prevent you attacking back we will probably allow a free choice of troops - contact us.

    Today's bonus stars:
    NOTE: the first 3 of these cannot be earned by hitting the lowest base at each TH of the enemy, since those are often quite a bit weaker. Only the other 27 targets count.

    "Vengeance is mine, part I": 2* bonus will be awarded to the first person who attacks the same person who attacked them first, and triples them in revenge. Only second attacks are eligible for this.
    Note: it must be the first person to attack you, who therefore set your army combination.

    "Vengence is mine, part II": as above, but there is another 1* bonus for the first person to achieve that, where the enemy DIDN'T triple you. So a player is attacked for 0-2*, then revenge hits their attacker, with the same troops, and triples them.
    (Note: you don't need to hit the person who attacked you. But these 2 bonuses are only for people who hit their attacker)
    Both of these are earned separately by the first qualifying attack: it might be the same attack for both; or if the first one has already been earned, then the second is still available for a different player to earn.

    "Swagmaster": a 1* bonus is awarded at each TH to the player, if anyone, who swags the most troops/spells in a 3* attack on the same TH (spell spaces count for 5, heroes 25, CC count the contents not the SM). That's troops/spells that aren't deployed at all, or are clearly dropped at the end somewhere useless as swag. Either attack today can count for this.

    "Teacher's pet": there's a 2* bonus at the end for the clan who had the fewest invalid attacks listed in the #judges_decisions channel throughout the event! (Total for all 3 wars) If 2 or 3 clans are equal, they get 1* each. And we are not going to add any for previous wars now, so don't start checking old replays!

    "You CANNOT be serious": a 2* bonus to the clan who had the most 99% attacks throughout the event (all 3 wars).
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    All brilliant rules . I enjoy imagining what's going on in the chat for strategies.

    Thanks for organising the event.
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    Look behind you!
    This Is Hard!!!!

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    This was great event and indeed a very tiring one. 3 all-nighters... complete exhaustion.

    Good rules but not the hardest - if you slip, you make mistakes and then it costs the clan you are in. Big thanks to the Judges (Onxy, Wario and everyone in the background) it wouldn't be the same without you folks. No one would understand the amount of work y'all did if they weren't in your shoes.

    Also, I feel everyone who participated should get some of the rewards - just surviving these 3 days is insane. We're all winners..... just winning clan should get the ultimate bragging rights.

    Only thing(s) I didn't like was ... (wish it were hosted on forum clans and not reddit ones and people who signed up for liason(at least in the clan I was in) actually did their work.... I had to take lead and do things when there was no leadership and direction. Hence everything in the beginning was a mess/freaking disaster. If we had reliable liaisons, I would have had a much better event experience.

    Personally, I wish Team Forums were Team Forums (one big group) and not small scattered groups doing their own thing. I am sure all Forum groups want to help grow and foster the supercell forum community. One big happy family!!!!

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    This event was having a great fun... Waiting for next forum cup..😜

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    Quote Originally Posted by sowad View Post
    One big happy family!!!!
    +1 I like Big happy family too

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    Great event! Huge thanks for everyone who helped in making this event happen. We had a great weekend with many forumers whether in our clan or in opponent clan. We were about to win but Clan #1 got it on % advantage. Congratulations for them and waiting already for next one
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    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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