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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    I am a novice th11(minus the eagle)
    Chilling around masters 1(I know it I should farm lower but I can only complete 4-5 raids per day )
    I need to know what armies should I use and what should be the upgrade priority in the lab?

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    This question really depends on if you war or not. Assuming you war I'd work on upgrading what you use most in war and your heroes.

    If you are primarily a farmer I'd upgrade miners as I farmed with QW miners until I maxed all my dark upgrades a few weeks ago. Exact comp of 5 healers, baby drag and two wiz. Only used 1 rage 1 jump and two heals per hit. Trying to keep spell cost down and getting 2 stars to secure loot. 4-5 raids a day I might try to climb higher for a better loot bonus but not sure if that's possible.

    Good luck! Enjoy th11!

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    Completely agree with the guy above.

    If you want to do well in war, upgrade troops essential to your war army (could be Lava Hound, Loons, Pekka, Bowlers, etc).

    If you want to farm, upgrade troops essential to your farm army (Miners, Giants, Gob, Barch, etc).

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