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Thread: Clash Tutor - Maroon Monkeys is recruiting

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    Welcome to the Official Thread for MAROON MONKEYS!

    We are a highly organized war clan. With over 600 wars under our belt, we have over an 80% win record. We are currently accepting non-rushed TH10s through max TH12s.

    A Little History...

    The clan has been around since early OCT 2014. Maroon Monkeys is one among the prestigious clans of THE KINGDOM (Clash Tutor). Majority of the members here are experienced and seasoned. This is an active clan. We love to WAR, and we love to FARM! & Our members span the globe.

    🍌Maroon Monkeys🍌 Level 17 International War Clan

    🍌Looking for Three Star Minded Warriors
    🍌We are a great group of experienced players that are recruiting for now
    🍌We are a Level 17 serious war Clan
    🍌Players are treated with respect and valued for their participation and contribution to the Clan
    🍌Back to Back Wars
    🍌Friendly Clan
    🍌Promotion is earned
    🍌Plenty of Experienced players to help you with Strategize war Attacks
    🍌DISCORD App is in Use for Chats and War Calling Purpose
    🍌Be active and Clear your doubts with us
    🍌Non- rushed accounts

    We Offer...

    🍌A level 17 clan (Maroon Monkeys) and all of the perks that come with.
    🍌Cherry Chimps, our feeder clan can also be used to practice & Recruit new members. (Closed for the time being) Loyalty
    🍌An always active group of friends
    🍌High level donations
    🍌Stable, drama free environment
    🍌Fair promotions based on attitude, activity,participation, donations
    🍌Off game chat using discord. (Required for war)


    🍌Non-rushed TH10 - TH12
    🍌Discord app required
    🍌NEVER use any mods, bots, hacks, private servers or anything else that breaks supercells ToS (suspicious activity will receive an immediate kick)
    🍌ALWAYS read Clanmail
    🍌Do not upgrade your Town Hall unless all Troops, Building, Walls & Royals are maxed and you can demonstrate the ability to 3 star war bases.


    🍌Always opt in or out depending on your availability
    🍌Always use both attacks in every war. (We understand sometimes things happen. As long as we know ahead of time or there is a good reason there can be some leniency in this regard)
    🍌Keep your War_CC requests specific, including troop types and quantities
    🍌Never attack in war without a full army and spells including a full clan castle.
    🍌Follow attack assignments in wars
    🍌If you are not in the top 3 players as ranked on the war page, use your last attack before the last 3 hours of the war. (Unless otherwise stated by a Co)
    🍌Never loot unless given direct consent by a Co leader
    🍌Never end a war attack. Let it play out even if you are not going to get any more stars. (We want as much total destruction as possible!)
    🍌Always donate only what is requested including proper level for Wars

    If you are interested in joining us, please download the Discord app and then go to to apply & mention u saw Drum's Post in Forum. Look forward to seeing you out there!

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    New and updated post for Maroon Monkeys

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