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Thread: CWL Champs 1

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    CWL Champs 1

    When is everyone spinning who are in champs 1? I know I saw something that most donít match till the end of the signup period.

    Is it best to spin early and wait or spin late?

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    I don't think it matters so much, everyone is guaranteed to get a match sooner or later and all the opponents are equally tough at that level.

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    I think the only people who match early in champs 1 are the clans who search right at the very beginning of the period. Everyone else has to wait until the end of the 2 day signup.

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    Started 2h ago. Matched after 1h.

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    In the early days of champs 1 when it was very small, literally everyone matched at the end. Now it's 700-800 clans IIRC, only about 25% will match at the end. The system seems to keep something like 200 clans in the search pool - and those still in at the end match instantly as the search gate closes.

    I doubt it will make much difference to the sort of opponents you get once you're at Ch1. In lower leagues there is (or at least was) a small difference in quality between day 1 and 2
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    it doesnt matter when u spin
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