The Jade Family includes Jade Lynx, Night Empire 70, and FloodingFire. We are an international clan family that incorporates all aspects of the game. From league wars, b2b wars, to relaxed wars and farming, we have it all!

🏅 Max clan games
🏅 Max, quick donations
🏅 League wars
🏅 Competitive B2B wars
🏅 Relaxed wars and farming
🏅 Active in game chat and server
🏅 Town hall guides
🏅 Attack planning and base feedback
🏅 Organized server and active leadership
🏅 Friendly, clean environment

🔐 No rushed bases of any kind
🔐 Jade: TH10 (30/30+)-TH12
🔐 Ne70: TH7-TH10
🔐 FF: All town hall levels