Hello! I am Despicable, Leader of the Clan Crazy Monkeys(#28LYJYCR8)!
We are a new growing clan started on July 30th already with 10+ loyal members!
Our clan is active, and a war clan with our frequency on always
We are requesting for any town hall level in any league!

Everyone in our clan is 13+ and mature. You can join our clan to receive high level troops within minutes of requesting. We try to have as much fun as possible, and if you cannot always be active or attack in war, we are mindful about it.

There is absolutely no requirements to join our clan. All we are looking for are loyal members who like to have fun and have a sense of humor!

All our Players are happy, mature, and friendly! We allow any timezone, but you must speak English. We have a 250 per season donate and request rule to make sure you are active

Leadership roles are earned. If you hit 1000 troops donated you get elder! After that based on loyalty you can get co-leader!

To join our clan all you need to do is paste the following tag(#28LYJYCR8) in the clan lookup tab and press join!

Hope to see you soon!!!